Recent selected publications and reprint list

Current Projects

  • Perceptual-motor sequence learning: operating characteristics of the implicit procedural learning system; sequence learning in Parkinson’s disease & MCI; consolidation & interference among learned sequences
  • Using perceptual-motor sequence learning to embed identifying information in implicit memory for secure authentication purposes
  • Cognitive training in patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment and healthy older adults
  • Skill learning and memory systems: the interacting roles of consciously directed action sequences and the process of developing skilled expertise

Some links to Adobe Flash applets we hope to use to study learning:

  • Want to see our new SISL task in action? Here it is.
  • Want to see the old Balls and Boxes puzzle task? Here it is.

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. We are generally recruiting participants for memory and perceptual learning studies. Email if you are interested in participating   .

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Selected publications and reprints

Overview readings recommended for background Reber, P.J. (2008). Cognitive neuroscience of declarative and non-declarative memory. In Parallels in Learning and Memory (Eds. M. Guadagnoli, M, S. de Belle, B. Etnyre, T. Polk, A. Benjamin). ReberHumLearn2008 Reber, P.J., Batterink, L.J., Thompson, K.R. & Reuveni, B. (in press).  Implicit Learning: History and Applications. In Implicit Learning (Eds. …

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Serial Interception Sequence Learning A game-like learning task that is particularly effective at producing implicit learning. If you’d like, you can try it yourself at: Some published reports that have used SISL to understand learning and memory Chon, D., Thompson, K.R. & Reber, P.J. (in press).  Motivation to avoid loss improves implicit skill performance.  …

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