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Samantha Wootan

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Brain, Behavior, & Cognition
Department of Psychology
Northwestern University Office: Cresap 309
Email: samanthawootan2017@u.northwestern.edu


Wootan, S.S., Mroczek, D.K., & Reber, P.J. (in prep) Working memory training: challenges to comprehensively measuring transfer.

Wootan, S.S., & Leding, J.K. (2015) Need for cognition and false memory: can one’s natural processing style be manipulated by external factors? in press. 

Leding, J. K., Horton, J. C., & Wootan, S. S. (2015). The contrast effect with avatars. Computers in Human Behavior44,

Alloway, T. P., Wootan, S., & Deane, P. (2014). Investigating working memory and sustained attention in dyslexic adults. International Journal of Educational Research67.

Alloway, T. P., Alloway, R. G., & Wootan, S. (2014). Home sweet home: Does where you live matter to working memory and other cognitive skills?. Journal of experimental child psychology124.




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