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Catherine Han

Brain, Behavior, & Cognition
Department of Psychology
Northwestern University

Office: Cresap 309
Email: y.catherinehan@u.northwestern.edu


Han, Y.C., Koslov, S., Maddox, W.T., Chandrasekaran, B.  (April 2016) Motivation and Speech Category Learning: A Dual-Learning System Approach. Poster presented at the Cognitive Neuroscience Society Annual Meeting, New York, NY.

Smayda, K.E., Chandrasekaran, B., Han, Y.C., Maddox, W.T. (November 2015) Impact of Music Training on Dissociable Category Learning Systems. Poster presented at the Psychonomics Society Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL.


2016 B.S. in Psychology with special honors in Psychology, University of Texas at Austin