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  • Thomas Dixon
  • Caelie McRobert
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  • Brooke Feinstein
  • Susie Turkson
  • John Molony
  • Kelsey Blomeke
    (Notre Dame Clinical Psychology Graduate Program)
  • Kate Murray
    (UCSD Neuroscience Graduate Program)
  • Michael Levitt
    (Graduated with Honors, 2002. Medical Student, Loyola University)
  • Sara Polis
    (Research Coordinator, University of Chicago)

Paul J. Reber, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Director of Brain, Behavior & Cognition
Brain, Behavior, and Cognition; Cognitive Psychology

Office: Cresap 308
Phone: (847) 467-1624

Ben Reuveni

  Brain, Behavior, & Cognition Department of Psychology Northwestern UniversityOffice: Cresap 309 Email: Current Research My research has two main avenues of focus. The first aims to characterize the nature of Implicit and Explicit memory systems interactions both behaviorally and neurologically with the goal of developing effective training methods that allow expression of both systems where …

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Catherine Han

Brain, Behavior, & Cognition Department of Psychology Northwestern University Office: Cresap 309 Email: Presentations Han, Y.C., Reber, P.J. Implicit perceptual-motor learning of repeating auditory sequences. Poster to be presented at the 2020 Cognitive Neuroscience Society Annual Meeting, Boston, MA. Han, Y.C., Reber, P.J. (October 2019). Perceptual-motor sequence learning with auditory cues. Poster presented at …

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Evan Grandoit

PhD student, Fall 2018 – present Brain, Behavior, & Cognition Department of Psychology Northwestern University Office: Cresap 309 Email: Primary Research Interest My main research goal is to find out if memory and learning can be consistently improved by making the context fun. To investigate this, we utilize game elements and game engine software to …

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Kevin Schmidt

    “The summit is for the ego and the journey is for the soul.” (origin unknown)   I am currently an applied neuroscience researcher for the Air Force Research Laboratory pursuing my PhD in cognitive neuroscience at Northwestern University through the Science, Mathematics, and Research for Transformation Scholarship. I am an avid adventurer and have …

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Paul J. Reber, Ph.D.

Professor, Psychology & Communication Sciences and Disorders (courtesy) Northwestern University Head of the Brain, Behavior and Cognition Program at NU Psych Link to Faculty page at Northwestern University Psychology Department A Wordle based on my current CV (Aug 2011) which seems like a surprisingly good snapshot. Professional interests My research focuses primarily on memory throughout …

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Peigen Shu

MS in Neurobiology Northwestern University Office: Cresap 309 Email: My CV: Peigen Shu   Presentations Shu, P., Han, Y.C., Reber, P.J. (October 2019). Transfer of implicit learning under perceptual alterations. Poster presented at the Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL.

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