Dec 30

Job Openings

The following ad should appear in the Cognitive Neuroscience Newsletter soon:

Postdoctoral Positions at Northwestern University
Memory Systems, Intuition and Modeling
Department of Psychology
Laboratories of Paul Reber & Ken Paller

Multiple postdoctoral openings currently available on two new projects aimed at accelerating expertise development from training using memory systems theory. One project will develop methods to improve the use of intuition in decision making. The second project will use targeted memory reactivation to enhance consolidation processes and speed learning. Both projects reflect collaborative research between the laboratories of Professor Paul Reber (http://reberlab.psych.northwestern.edu/) and Professor Ken Paller (http://pallerlab.psych.northwestern.edu/). Also see http://CogNS.northwestern.edu for further information on the local cognitive neuroscience environment.

We are searching for postdoctoral candidates with a strong interest in human memory research and with expertise in some of the following areas: memory systems research, experimental behavioral methods, computational simulation modeling, multivariate pattern analysis, EEG recording and analysis.

Interested candidates can send inquiries and application materials to Susan Florczak <s-florczak@northwestern.edu>. Applications will be evaluated when received and hiring decisions made on a rolling basis. Multiple two-year appointments are currently available. Applications should include a cover letter, CV, and names of at least three references.


We are also looking to hire a new Research Assistant for the lab.  Applications for the RA position should go through NU Human Resources.


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