Feb 08

Gender differences

I forget why the idea of possible gender differences in some skill learning studies came up at lab meeting, but I remember I digressed into discussion of gender differences in sciences.  Lo and behold, data on this topic are on the front page of Crooked Timber (group philosophy, politics, science blog).  And they have data!

I’ll try to hot-link Keiran Healy’s graph of Ph.D.’s awarded in 2009 broken down by field and gender:

Of note — I didn’t actually realize how far Psychology skewed, or that we are #1.  It’s hard to see that and not consider the fact that I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Psychology department that was 70-30 female:male across the faculty.  Also, I thought Neurosciences skewed male and I was wrong.  It’s about dead even.  That’s why we always need to get new data to support our occasionally biased intuitions.

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