Mar 17

BBC Student publications

Sanchez, Gobel & Reber (in press). Performing the unexplainable: Implicit task
performance reveals individually reliable sequence learning without explicit knowledge.
Psychonomic Bulletin & Review.

Mathur, Harada, Lipke, & Chiao. (in press). Neural basis of extraordinary empathy and altruistic motivation. Neuroimage.

Gratz Vani!

Winograd & Rosenfeld (in press). Mock crime application of the Complex Trial Protocol (CTP) P300-based concealed information test. Psychophysiology.

Gratz Mike!

Meixner, J.B. & Rosenfeld, J.P. (in press). A mock terrorism application of the P300 based concealed information test. Psychophysiology.

Gratz John! John also includes his other recent pubs from the Rosenfeld lab (and Mike).

Meixner, J.B., & Rosenfeld, J.P. (2010). Countermeasure Mechanisms in a P300-Based Concealed Information Test. Psychophysiology, 47, 57-65.

Meixner, J.B., Haynes, A., Winograd, M., & Rosenfeld, J.P. (2009). Assigned versus random, countermeasure-like responses in the P300 based complex trial protocol for detection of deception: Task demand effects. Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, 34, 209-220.

Rosenfeld, J.P., Tang, M., Meixner, J.B., Winograd, M., & Labkovsky, E. (2009). The effects of asymmetric versus symmetric probability of targets following probe and irrelevant stimuli in the Complex Trial Protocol (CTP) for detection of concealed information with P300. Physiology and Behavior, 98, 10-16.

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