Research on the Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory

  • How experience shapes action, perception and thought through pervasive mechanisms of plasticity throughout the human brain
    • Implicit and explicit memory contributions to perceptual-motor skill learning
    • Operating characteristics of implicit learning: inflexibility, transfer, sensory modality differences
  • Accelerating training through novel protocols inspired by memory system structure
    • Cognitive Expertise through Repetition Enhanced Simulation-based training (CERES)
    • Improving Intuitive Decision Making via Implicit Learning

Current Projects

  • Perceptual-motor skill learning using the SISL task
  • Using computational modeling and functional neuroimaging to study interactions among the brain’s memory systems
  • Auditory sequence learning as a bridge between implicit and “statistical” learning
  • Effects of physiological stressors (mild hypoxia) on cognitive function
  • The influence of reward processing on memory, when is it helpful for learning to be fun?

Interested in Participating in Research?

Contact Information
309 Cresap Laboratory
Department of Psychology
Northwestern University
Phone: (847) 467-5779
Mailing Address
Reber Laboratory
Northwestern University
2029 Sheridan Road
Evanston, IL 60201

Replicability advocate John Ioannidis might be a bad actor

When you publish a finding titled “Why most published research findings are false,” the impact of your report is likely to have two major effects. The first is to encourage scientists to perform their research carefully and rigorously to ensure robust, reliable conclusions. The second is to provide a touchpoint for a general anti-science agenda …

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Illinois Primary Day March 17

If you are attending the meeting of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society in Boston this year, you will be out of town for the IL primary that Tuesday. If you are registered in Evanston, you can vote early at the Civic Center starting on March 2. If you are unfamiliar with voting in Evanston/Chicago, the election …

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Pushing the upper bound on cognitive performance

Over the holidays, I discovered a new chess competition variant being played and streamed by Chess.com: Puzzle Battle.  Chess puzzles are a well-known training device that also have something of a micro sub-community within the chess world for artistry in creating positions with a difficult to spot but winning move.  They are highly recommended to …

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Answers to some semi-frequently asked questions about memory

Hello, We are working on a group speech for a school project and need to reach out to an expert in the field of psychology. We have a few questions about the topic of brain capacity and we would greatly appreciate it if you would take a look at them and get back to us. …

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